Paul Chappell

Paul Chappell, Peace Leaderhip Director, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
Traveling across the United States and internationally, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF) Peace Leadership Director Paul K. Chappell lectures on waging peace, ending war, the art of living, what it means to be human. He also teaches workshops and courses on peace leadership and the author of 6 books, the most recent being the Soldiers of Peace. Paul is an Iraq War veteran and former army captain. For more information visit – https://paulkchappell.com/ and www.peaceliteracy.org

Waubgeshig Rice

Waubgeshig Rice, Indigenous Writer, Journalist and former Rotary Exchange Student

Heydi Chancho
Heydi Chancho, RISE Program Graduate, Guatemala Literacy Project
Heydi will share her emotional story fo her life’s transformation after receiving a Scholarship from the RISE Program , Guatemala Literacy Project. For more information visit – http://www.guatemalaliteracy.org/
Melissa Toupin-Laforge & Nelson Sanz Cadena, Rotary Peace Fellows
Nicole Lavigne
Nicole Lavigne, former Rotary Youth Exchange Student, Rotaractor
Nicole’s Rotary Story started with her grandpa, Robert Lynch (long-time member of the North Bay Rotary Club). Some of her earliest memories include going out to Rotary events with him and the North Bay Rotary Club. In 1999/2000 Nicole was the outbound Rotary Youth exchange student from North Bay and spent a year in Baden-Baden, Germany. Later she joined the Rotaract club at the University of Toronto until she graduated and joined the Rotaract club of Gosnell in Perth, Australia. Nicole now lives with her husband John and their cat Luna in Calgary, Alberta where Nicole works in commercial sales and enjoys rock climbing, hiking and camping in Calgary’s mountainous backyard. In Calgary, Nicole and John are also involved in the Rotary community and after not having any luck with existing clubs, they have in the past year started a new satellite club with other young Rotarians and are now associated with the Rotary Club of Calgary West. They call themselves the Rotary West afterhours group and we meet on a Rotating schedule in local microbreweries on a monthly basis.
Morgan Wienberg

Marie-Paule Attema, Rotary Peace Fellow

Marie-Paule Attema, who survived the Rwanda genocide, immigrated to Canada 17 years ago and has worked for 11 years with marginalized and isolated populations in South Africa, Guatemala, Australia, and Canada. Attema is pursuing a Master of Peace and Conflict Studies as a Rotary Peace Fellow at the University of Queensland in Australia. Her career goal is to contribute to people’s mental health recovery after armed conflict and, in the long term, to promote peace and equality through global policy. Check out Marie-Paule’s blog here.