1. How do I cancel my registration and/or that for a partner/guest?
Contact District Registrar Ron Walton (or 705.646.3920). Cancellation Fee: Prior to October 15th – $50. After October 15th –  NO Refund.
2. How do I modify my registration?
Log back into the Conference Registration to access your current registration. Then edit and/or move to the next screen by clicking on the text at the lower right of the screen until you get to the final screen that show you have successfully saved your registration. If you require any assistance, please contact District Registrar Ron Walton (or 705.646.3920).
3. How do I amend or cancel my room reservation?
Call Reservations: 1.800.461.4393. Remember, if you cancel your reservation or shorten your stay, 7 days prior to and up to your arrival date, all amounts paid to the resort will be non-refundable.
5. Is there a resort map to find my way around?
Here is the Resort Map.

6. Can I volunteer at the conference? 

Most definitely. We require volunteers for – Welcome Desk, Sergeant-at-arms to assist with directing the attendees, answering questions and ensuring we keep everything on time; and Runners. Click HERE to sign-up. Thank you!