Saturday – 14:30 to 16:00

You will receive a confirmation for your project or wellness activity. In the event we are ‘sold out’, we will let you know so you can consider making another selection.


Helping Honduran Women
Waterhouse Ballroom 1
Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the world and education is a key out of poverty. For many young women in the country school is inaccessible for hygienic reasons. They do not have the supplies necessary to allow then to attend school or work when they are menstruating.
Participants will produce kits containing washable feminine hygiene products for under-privileged Honduran teenagers. These kits will allow the girls to attend school and work without restriction due to a lack of menstrual supplies, and they will also be taught to produce kits themselves. All materials will be provided and there are no special skills required.
Maximum 30 participants
Guatemala Literacy Project – Teacher Kits
Waterhouse Ballroom 2
Guatemala is one of the poorest, least educated countries in the western hemisphere. Four out of five indigenous Guatemalans live in poverty and the average indigenous adult has less than a fifth-grade education. One third cannot read or write, they are illiterate. When a student starts in primary school, they learn to read with the Spark Reading Program. 
Participants will fill ‘Teacher Kits’ with basic teaching supplies for the Kindergarten to Grade 6 students participating in Spark. All materials will be provided and there are no special skills required.
Maximum 40 participants

Local Women’s Shelters
Waterhouse Ballroom 5

Facilities for women fleeing abuse is a home where women can go for safety, support and direction. 
These shelters are committed to helping abused women and their children, living in communities across our District and beyond, rebuild their lives. By working together as shelter teams and in partnership with local communities, the shelters work hard to ensure that women and children have a safe and supportive place to turn to when home is no longer an option.
Participants will put together overnight hygiene kits, and other items suggested by the shelters, such as pajamas socks, underwear, grocery food vouchers, for women (and children) dealing with abusive issues. These kits and other items will be then distributed to the participants who have shelters in their communities.
Maximum 40 participants


"Lushes with Brushes" - with PDG Jack Lockhart, Internationally acclaimed Canadian Artist in Waterhouse Ballroom 5. This is a painting 101 class with a glass (or 2) of wine! Cost: $20 per person. Limit of 16 participants.
Deerhurst Fall Colours Walk with Guide Allison Brownlee. Departing from Pavilion Building Main Entrance. Duration: 1 hour.